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Lesson 2 – Vowels

Let us now look at the vowel letters in Malayalam; there are 15 of them!
Don’t feel overawed by the large number. If you look at them carefully, you will realize that there are only about 8 basic letters in this list of 15. In other words, half of them are just modifications of these eight. That sounds relieving, doesn’t it?

Listen to all the vowels: Vowels

Click on any Vowel below to learn it in detail

ah aah yi yee uh

uhuh er ae aeae ai oh
ohoh ow um aha
As you can see, these letters appear to be in pairs (except for the 7th, 10th and the 13th vowel) . It is safe to imagine that the second letter in such a pair produces a longer sound of the first vowel (eg.’ah’ is followed by ‘aah’ ). In the second line, it may look as though there are two triplets (the first three followed by the next set of three letters), with the last letter in each triplet producing a different sound (eg: ‘oh’ – ”ohoh’ – ‘ow’)

Vowel – അ (ah) →

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